Total Uninstall 7.2.1 Crack + License Key 2022 Full Download

March 30, 2022

Total Uninstall crack

Total Uninstall 7.2.1 Crack Full Download

Total Uninstall Crack is an advanced software application specialized in uninstalling programs from your computer. It completely removes registry entries or other traces. It includes several additional tools designed to help you monitor new utilities, clean junk files, and create backups.

The tool automatically detects all programs installed on your computer. It displays them in a simple list and offers information about the program name, installation date, and size. Additionally, you are able to add new software to the list, change icons, add notes, as well as create groups and subgroups for organizing the programs. The search feature helps you quickly identify an application and reveals the results in real-time.

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The tool embeds a powerful analysis algorithm that helps you gather information about every corresponding file or registry entry before actually removing a program. It offers support for three different analysis profiles, namely safe, normal, and advanced. The last one is the most comprehensive one as it scans your computer thoroughly and may include files shared with the operating system in the scan results.

total Uninstall lets you back up files and registry items so you can restore them in the future in case any problems may appear. Utilities can be removed in a single or batch mode. The first one allows you to delete all data included in the analysis or use the program’s built-in uninstaller while the second empowers you to uninstall multiple apps at the same time.

A system restore point is automatically created before removing any program from the list, and you can view detailed information about the deletion operation, such as uninstall log with total successful actions, errors, and warnings, as well as full path of each deleted file, folder, and registry key.

More Details:

Key Features:

  • Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes.
  • Monitor changes from the registry and file system for new installations.
  • Uninstall completely and thoroughly analyze or monitor programs.
  • Create a backup for a program and restore the program from backup.
  • Organize in groups installed or monitored programs.
  • Find the program to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily.
  • Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program.
  • User-configurable views of the detected changes.
  • It shows a detailed uninstall log.
  • Powerful search in detected changes.
  • Standalone program agent for notification of running installation programs.
  • Export registry changes for install or uninstall.
  • So, Export installed or monitored programs list to file.
  • Export to file or print detected changes.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 7.
  • CPU: 500 MHz
  • Disk Space: 3 MB
  • RAM: 128 MB memory

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Total Uninstall easily removes any program.

  • Accurately analyzes installed programs to completely uninstall them.

With the “Installed Programs” module, Total Uninstall analyzes the installed program and creates the installation log. This is used to do a complete uninstall, without the help of the provided built-in uninstaller.

  • Total Uninstall can monitor new installations.

The “Monitored Programs” module helps monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied built-in uninstaller, which can leave files or changes behind.

  • Clean the system safely.

Remove unnecessary files and registry items.

  • Autorun Manager handles start-up.

Manage the Windows startup procedure to control which program, service, or scheduled task automatically starts up. Disabling unwanted programs speeds up the operating system.

  • Transfer programs to a new PC.

This one feature is as important and useful as a standalone program. See our guide: how to transfer programs from one computer to another.

  • Conclusion:

    If you want to keep your computer healthy, then you surely need to take care of all the junk files and data that remain after uninstalling software. Uninstall Tool is a solid, efficient, and generally high-quality product with a wide range of features that you will most likely find useful in many instances.


  • First of all, it is faster and easier to navigate and find the program you’re looking for than it is in Windows’ default Add/Remove tool. Then, you have the ability to view all the startup entries and edit them, or even add your own if you want to have an application run at system startup.
  • The aforementioned Install and Trace feature is one of the most important features of the Uninstall Tool. As explained earlier, when you install a program using this service. All the installed files and registry entries will be traced so that the uninstallation process will remove everything like the program was never installed before. If you want to keep some data, you have the option to do so too.
  • If the list with the installed software is long. Then there is no need to use the scroll bar as you can use the search on the left pane. Just type any part of the program’s name and it will appear. It gets filtered as you type.
  • Lastly, it comes portable so you can run it from your USB flash disk on any computer.


  • There’s nothing to complain about.
  • It does its job nicely and has several extra features that make it an even more valuable tool.

What’s New in this Total Uninstall crack?

  •  Fixed detection of an app installs location and date in some scenarios.
  • Fixed incorrect names for some Windows Store Apps.
  • Better RTL (Hebrew & Arabic languages) support.

How To Install Total Uninstall Crack?

  • First of all, download the latest version from our link.
  • After this run as administrator and wait for full installation.
  • Now, enjoy it.

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When you are having trouble removing installed software from your computer, Uninstall Tool is a great substitute for Windows’ Add/Remove Manager, with more advanced options available and easier finding of programs. Apart from uninstalling the normal programs you have installed yourself, you view and remove the system and hidden applications, delete unneeded uninstall-related registry entries. Uninstall Tool also highlights recently installed programs, shows detailed information of all the listed software, and exports analytic reports about them.


  • It’s an easy installation, with no other software bundled with it. In one of the steps there will be a mini-configuration, where you are asked if you want to add an Uninstall Tool icon in the control panel for easier access, and if you want to install the “Install and Trace” feature.
  • This service keeps track of when you install software and records everything that it creates so that it can delete all changes that it has made and leave no trace when you uninstall it.


  • The interface is warm and user-friendly, with a contemporary design.
  • It has a few main functions as buttons on top and a list of the installed programs in the center.
  • On the left, there is information about the currently selective program. If you wish, you can change the background colors or make the interface less modern by adjusting the settings in the preferences menu.